Mar 25, 2014

Hey gang! It was a big week. The show for Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba at the Pantages Playhouse went amazingly well on Saturday night. We may have over-delivered with a bit of a long show, but it really seemed like everyone enjoyed it. Or they were just being polite. Either way, good times! It should be online soon at the Week Thus Far YouTube channel.

Speaking of being online, here is the St. Patrick's Day special that we premiered at the King's Head last night. Continuing our trend of re-appropriating 90s movie titles, this one is called "Dude, Where's My Craig?"

It was a real blast to shoot and put together. I'm incredibly proud of how this turned out. It definitely has a bit more of my sensibility in terms of weirdness. This season is really turning out to be a great one, and that's a testament to everyone involved really stepping up their game and delivering at the top of their ability.